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Poorly maintained properties - old apartment complexes or townhomes - are often potentially dangerous venues. Whether a lack of working smoke alarms or a faulty electrical system leads to a devastating fire, you are left to face the often fatal consequences.

Wiseman Law Firm in Vienna, West Virginia, works with clients who have either sustained burn injuries or lost loved ones in the wake of a fire. If someone else's negligence or carelessness has led to devastating results such as these, contact us today. Call 304-428-3006.

Fires and Liability
Wiseman Law Firm has worked with numerous clients seeking compensation after fires caused by negligence and improper maintenance of rental properties. In one case we handled, a landlord was sited by the fire marshal for lack of working smoke detectors. In addition, the apartment's furnace was tagged and shut down by the fire department for a cracked manifold heat exchanger. The furnace not only leaked carbon monoxide, rendering two children unconscious, but also led to a fire with two fatalities.

Caring Support...Peace of Mind
Situations like this do not happen every day, thankfully. Yet the fact that they do occur confirms our firm's resolve to provide caring support and strong advocacy. Too often, liability cases involving fires result in wrongful death. While nothing can bring a loved one back, family members who have lost loved ones in this type of accident are entitled to financial compensation. We work to bring closure to a devastating period with compassion.

At Wiseman Law Firm, we work hard to give you the peace of mind you need to move forward following an injury. A validating, supportive presence, our attorneys work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve so you can focus on physical recovery without financial stress. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 304-428-3006.